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Casa El Mirador. Golf Costa Adeje

Project Details

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Year: 2019

Area: 422 m2

Broken volume.

A compact volume that breaks and displaces, fragmenting the program, as a strategy so that the implementation of the home is a reflection of the orography of the site. In this way, housing becomes terraced, that integrates living spaces.

Contrast geometry.

Given the vertical landscape, the architecture extends horizontally, like a great viewpoint that projects the views of the sea, in contrast to the privacy offered by the rear facade, where the access space is located.

The connection of water.

On the outside, the terraced terrain becomes a succession of blocks and terraces that merge with the horizon and the sea.

Natural Materials

Concrete cubes and wooden latticework form the enclosure, giving prominence to the natural materials, and to the integration with the surroundings.