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House in Playa San Juan

Project Details

Location: Tenerife, Spain

Year: 2019 (in construction)

Area: 360,32 m2

Between sidewalls.

Defiant characteristic at the starting point of the project. Facing the narrowness of the site, generating an interesting proposal to capture light.

Elementary geometry

A clean and precise geometric enclosure, which is interrupted by  series of perforations that generate the openings of the house. This division of the facade is produced by a combination of materials and textures.

Game of light and shadows.

Played with natural light, controlling its indirect entrance in each of the rooms. This delicate play of lights and shadows that project the lattices fill the spaces of magic.

Vertical connection

The interior space is organized around a patio that illuminates and refreshes all the rooms. The patio is treated as a plant element that vertically articulates all spaces.