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Who we are


For us, each project is born with the study of the clients needs, generating a concept that serves as a master line, never forgetting practicality, which has to be linked to architecture.

At W | Arquitectos, we try to make the architecture timeless and to last as long as possible.

In our study all projects are equally important, and we do them with the same enthusiasm, from the smallest to the largest.

Our team

In 1991 Stanley Weytjens created the company Su Diseño, which was specialized in the construction and makeover of projects for clients, adapting to "Su Diseño" (your design).

Because of this, his son Timothy Weytjens decided to study architecture, becoming an architect and creating with his father, W|Arquitectos, the evolution of Su Diseño.

At W|Arquitectos we have created and formed a team of creative professionals; architects, engineers, designers, that work together, in the development of projects from its beginning to its end.